Cloud Asia

Cloud Asia services from Owentis, available in Hong Kong and Singapore, have been set up to support companies located in Southeast Asia. Owentis offers its customers, on all its hosting sites, operational services, 24/7 managed services, and SaaS services. Owentis' Asian hosting centers enjoy IT support from specialists, and are fully supervised by engineers from the group's operations centers located in Courbevoie and Toulouse. They are part of the high availability hosting system, already in place in France, built with our partners Global Switch and Equinix.


All our services are available: physical hosting, VM sharing, or private Cloud, if you need more performance and security. Our Cloud Asia solutions are turnkey operations: we help you define your target architecture, then we support you in the transition phase and the installation of your new infrastructure in Asia. 

Improving latency

Beyond culture, some 10,000 kilometers separate our continents, and application fluidity suffers as a result. To help your clients or users access data and applications faster, we create mirrored servers: data in Europe is replicated in Asia, enabling you to get better performance. Moreover, only the changes are moved, to optimize exchanges. 


To better support its customers, Owentis is planning the upcoming opening of its services in 2 new datacenters: RIO and Toronto.