Your IT of tomorrow

The Cloud is a set of solutions that better responds to the strategic and operational requirements of each company: securing applications and infrastructure, optimizing organization, improving the user experience, and reducing expenses.
Switching to the Cloud means make your organization flexible in order to be able to create added value quickly. Now, when faced with a decision requiring an investment, you have a Cloud alternative. Should you invest in new servers or lease them in a datacenter? How do you back up data from your mobile users? How do you quickly meet the demands of business? For every need, there is a Cloud solution.


The Cloud is now accessible to all. With Public Cloud  offerings from Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google, outsourced hosting is an easily affordable, efficient, and less costly solution. More and more companies choose to host their data and applications between a public cloud and a private cloud, adopting an increasingly common solution: Hybrid Cloud.



PaaS frees up application developers from physical limitations and provides them with operational platforms. With Click&Cloud PaaS, you can free yourself from managing operating systems, and you will be more effective in developing your applications with an easy to manage hosting, a scalable and secure infrastructure.


Applications available in SaaS mode provide CIOs with the flexibility and availability they need. Employees can access their tools - online backup, file sharing, activity monitoring, etc. - with total ease and transparency. Every department benefits from the expertise of our teams and a maximum level of security, inherent to our infrastructure in France.