In order to ensure monitoring and control of the service, the main players meet regularly and take stock of:

  • Contractual indicators - performance, consumption, resolution of tickets
  • Changes to the contract (perimeter, volume, SLAs, etc.) and ongoing projects
  • Monitoring the service delivery improvement plan

The pace is adapted to each customer, depending on the criticality of the perimeter, the phase of the service (more intensive pace during set-up) and the volumes handled. A single point of contact, the SDM – Service Delivery Manager – is appointed for all committees.


  Our ISO 9001: 2008 certification provides a structured approach to projects and homogenization of the methods used. It guarantees you improved documentation, knowledge transfer, and reversibility management. Continuous improvement, inherent in any project, enables optimization of operations and rationalization of all processing. The managed services provided by the COP (operation centers) are also involved, and their continuity is guaranteed. View certificate

Customer portal

It gives you access to all of the indicators of the service: a view over your services, the availability of your equipment and over the consumption of resources which you have subscribed to. It is a way for you to verify our commitments and compliance with SLAs. It also provides you with a capacity schedule, i.e., a projection of your consumption over several months: this feature enables you to anticipate your resource needs over the long term. In the event of special requirements, the Owentis tools cell acts to customize the customer portal, create custom dashboards, or integrate custom indicators. 

Transformation plan

For each project, the teams establish a transformation strategy. This strategy is created to order for each customer, while following a set of rules and a proven methodology. Our experience correlated with the knowledge of your environment will lead you to innovative transformation projects that reduce delivery costs and improve the competitiveness of your enterprise.