Advantages of the hybrid Cloud

  Today, you can link your private cloud to other Cloud environments, and enjoy the advantages of both systems: privatized space, custom architecture for your most critical applications and data; elasticity of the measured resources and costs of the public Cloud for the rest of your infrastructure. The hybrid Cloud gives you the option of enjoying the performance of the private Cloud, and spill over into the public Cloud when space runs out or during a spike.


Owentis builds your hybrid Cloud, totally suited to your needs: our experts assist you in creating your new architecture and in your transformation. Depending on your current infrastructure, volume, application criticality, and also your development prospects, we will advise you on the best target architecture and the steps to take to get you there.

Management in one click

Owentis has developed its own customer portal, which allows you to control both your environments, private and public, through a single console. In one click, you can maintain, increase, or move your resources.


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