Public Cloud

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google offer almost unlimited hosting possibilities. Owentis supports you in choosing your public Cloud: we evaluate your needs and the various solutions on the market to ensure they are met. The public Cloud contributes to the Devops movement and to improving your company's competitiveness: giving you the keys to respond quickly and agilely to the needs of your business, it promotes value production while reducing costs.

Hybrid Cloud

By supplementing the public Cloud offering with the private Cloud offered by Owentis, you will benefit from 10 years of experience in the Cloud and get access to our redundant infrastructure, in two datacenters in France. Our Microsoft Gold Data Center partnership, and our knowledge of the Google and Amazon Clouds will help you to create the perfect combination of public Cloud and private Cloud. We map your data, we rank it according to criticality and volume, and we advise you on the architecture to adopt. You will have a single point of contact in France and a customer portal for managing your resources in a few clicks. In addition, you can ensure the performance and availability of your infrastructure through the managed services from Owentis. 

Private Cloud

This is a custom Cloud, 100% dedicated to your IT. This solution is perfect for all companies that want to overcome the physical constraints of their IT environment, but retain ownership of their infrastructures and especially to guarantee performance and resources. The private Cloud is suitable for hosting critical and sensitive applications.

Owentis Cloud

Do you need to host your virtual machines, or set up a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)? We will provide you with a shared space in our datacenter located in the Paris metropolitan region. The Owentis Cloud is the 100% flexible Cloud, and you know where your infrastructure is.