Transition phase

With a proven methodology, the transition led by the teams Owentis takes place optimally and securely. Our teams support you in every step, and adapt to your organization and your goals. Our industrialized processes optimize your operation and let you reduce costs for successful outsourcing.

Comprehensive outsourcing

By choosing to outsource your infrastructure, you will have access to additional services to your Cloud hosting, specially adapted tools, and thus more effectiveness. You will have a fully standardized processes, and a dedicated Service Delivery Manager, who handles control over the entire service. We provide you all the necessary monitoring indicators for verifying SLAs and we are subject to penalties for non-compliance. Our processes are consistent with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard and provide you with efficient management of your IT

Services on demand

Our resources

Our services are operated by COP – Operations Centers – based in Courbevoie and Toulouse. Our teams consist of confirmed technicians and engineers, and is covering a complete service from 8 to 20 hours, Monday to Friday. The supervision, the N1 support and the non-stop expertise is available 24/7.


Owentis is accompanying you during the entire service, including the stage of reversibility. In order to warrant you the best transparency and to avoid all obstacles during your future decisions, we prepare the reversibility since the transition stage.


From the first stage of the service we are defining the operational units that represent your limits and your IT environment. In case of any evolution of the latter, be it an increase or a decrease, your consuption will adapt and will measure itself based on such operational units.