The Owentis Click&Cloud PaaS is an environment hosted in France, available to developers and ready for use immediately. The container system makes your content available on demand, and with one click you can choose the application components you need. You will free yourself from managing the operating system and you can focus on your core activity. Our containers are natively Docker compatible and meet all your technical requirements.

Supported technologies

Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, and .NET applications can be deployed in minutes. The Click&Cloud PaaS gives you access to a wide range of applications and databases.


Resource management on Click&Cloud offers vertical elasticity – growth of content according to your requirements (memory, CPU, disk), but also a horizontal elasticity – multiplication of the number of containers. This feature enables adjusted payment by use, with hourly billing (and even less for SMEs), or monthly billing for large accounts. To simplify your usage, resources automatically grow depending on your needs. You control your spending by setting a basic configuration and maximum configuration at the outset.


  The Click&Cloud PaaS solution eliminates maintenance for your systems. Development time is optimal because you do not suffer from extra workload related to infrastructure management: delivery of your environments is fast, it takes just a few minutes, and you can focus on the production of your applications. You can manage your resources easily and independently through the customer portal, where you provision your machines yourself and select your application components in a click.