Online backup whitepaper

The risk associated with the loss of critical data is too important to be overlooked. A guarantee of safety, productivity and prevention, online backup prevents experiencing operational disruptions that could handicap the company. Read this white paper to find out the benefits of online backup and identify measures necessary to protect you effectively.

Cloud report

SMEs are constantly looking for innovative ways to cut costs without impacting their business or future growth. Among these, outsourcing of information systems is a successful move: the "Cloud" is gaining ground. Download this Cloud brochure specifically designed for the COO, CFO or Marketing Director who wants to move to the Cloud.

Report - L'Express

L'Express and L'Expansion present "the essential digital transition" in their special Enterprises supplement. Here you can read the report  dedicated to the Cloud, its issues and players, and especially the article on Owentis on pages 24 and 25. Happy reading!