Online backup

The Terabackup online backup solution from Owentis is one of the most effective professional solutions on the market. Established 6 years ago, it combines the Top safety devices (data redundancy in our data centers, two-factor encryption, 60 versions kept, etc.) with greater ease of use (automatic data transfer, ergonomic interface, alert systems, customized reporting). The data is still housed in France. It is the ideal solution for mobile users: even if their devices are lost or stolen, their data is preserved. 

File sharing

BigFiler - a SaaS file sharing solution - allows you to create private storage areas, ensuring the secure transfer of large documents and letting you access your outsourced data wherever you are. Customizable in the colors of your business, this solution facilitates and optimizes collaboration between your company and your employees, customers, and partners.

They can:

  • Transfer large documents without risk of overload or delay
  • Provide and access files via multiple protocols: http, ftp, WebDAV
  • Creating collaborative spaces within and between companies with a high level of security

Activity monitoring

ClockWise is a SaaS tool developed by our team and used by the CIOs of several Key Accounts customers. It enables you to know and optimize the time allotted to each activity for the RUN, and to better control costs for projects. Through a simple interface, your employees must charge their activities. The information is retrieved by the tool in a dynamic report, and allows you to adjust the allocation of resources according to your objectives, to know the actual time spent by project or by client, and thus anticipate your budgets and your resource requirements. ClockWise requires no installation on the user workstations and, thanks to its fluid ergonomics, enables quick access without any loss of time for your teams.

Deployment monitoring

TADAM - Tool deployment and management - provides the ability to optimize your deployments (desktops, tablets, migration). It lets you make appointments with users, the record actions, and monitor acceptance testing. Users are players in deployment, and the tool provides full visibility over the entire project, allowing for adjustments, corrections, and feedback. Deployment is done in an optimal time and therefore enables considerable savings.