High security measures

Beyond the physical security measures associated with Cloud solutions (datacenters), Owentis implements a set of practices and tools to ensure the High security of your infrastructure and your data: backup, irreversible encryption, strong authentication, security policy...



We work in close partnership with two datacenters in the Paris metropolitan region:Global Switch and Equinix. These buildings, fully secured, feature highly industrialized technical resources, employ the best technologies (fire detection, targeted extinguishing systems, air conditioning) and have impressive human resources on hand, 24/7. To complete these devices, tens of thousands of optical fibers route the data to the datacenter and connect enterprise users to their applications.


Traceability is an essential requirement when it comes to the Cloud. With tools like Wallix, Owentis offers solutions at the cutting edge of technology, to keep track of data, and ensure total confidentiality of passwords: even our operators have no access to passwords. 

The ISO approach

Since February 2015, Ozitem group has been ISO 9001:2008 certified. Now engaged in the ISO 27001 certification process, with the appointment of a CISO (chief information security officer) and the establishment of a security policy (information systems security policy), the group has a framework where security comes first.