Owentis, French Cloud Computing expert
A 100% subsidiary of the group Ozitem, it meets the hosting challenges of hundreds of French companies.

A pioneer in SaaS solutions

Set up 6 years ago, a pioneer in SaaS offers and online backup, we deliver a 100% professional service and are 100% effective. Our offer range is constantly increasing and we now provide innovative tools for file sharing, monitoring activities or even deployment.

Today, with proven expertise and strong partnerships, we are specialists in IaaS solutions, including hybrids. We accompany all our clients in their IT transformation and in the adoption of a solution perfectly adapted to their current and future needs.

In 2015, Owentis partnered with Jelastic

In 2015, Owentis partnered with Jelastic to complete its offer and meet the needs of developers through the deployment its own PaaS Click&Cloud platform.

The added value of our offer lies in our capacity to support each client, in our flexibility, and especially in the managed services we are able to provide: support, supervision and operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You benefit from all the freedom of the cloud, combined with the expertise you may need.


If customisation is required (e.g. supervision of a professional application), our tools and development team intervenes to adapt the tools or create the ideal solution for you.



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