Customised Cloud

Development and deployment of applications

Click&Cloud provides developers with a powerful graphical interface to build and manage complete application environments. A few simple steps are enough: select your software component, set limits for automatic scaling and choose the name of the servers. In seconds, your environment will be operational. 


Automatic adjustments, vertical and horizontal elasticity

Click&Cloud delivers automatic vertical elasticity for applications that require more CPU or memory resources. If the application requirements decrease, the resources are released by maximising the density of applications on each physical server.

If necessary, the applications can develop horizontally by increasing the number of servers. In this case, Click & Cloud automatically configures load balancing.

Easy migration

You can shift your application from your development environment to the production environment of your choice: Public cloud with Azure or private cloud with Cloud Owentis and its data centres in Paris, Hong Kong or even Singapore.

By opting for cloud Owentis, you will have access to all the services you need, 24/7: support, supervision, operation...