Setting up in 5 minutes: Choose your software stack, set the limits for autoscaling, and pick your name. In just a few seconds your Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js or Python environment will be up and running in the cloud!


You mix and match your software stacks. Select from the best free Java (Tomcat, GlassFish, and Jetty) and PHP (Apache, NGINX) app servers, as well as SQL (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) database servers, and memcached.


Set the limits of horizontal and vertical elasticity and benefit from high availability.
If an application requires more resources, we allocate more (RAM and CPU). When the load decreases, we release these resources automatically.






Upload your app package and choose your environment. If there are multiple instances, we will update all of them – automatically.


GIT or SVN Deployment!

You can deploy app uploading binary file, via GIT/SVN and popular IDEs.

You can deploy any private or public project on the Click&Cloud service. In case of code changing you can update it via GIT/SNV in one click.


Application version control

If you detect an error in your code, Click&Cloud offers the possibility of returning to the last version. Click&Cloud keeps track of your deployment history: you select the version that you need and it will be redeployed.





Our platform is the only cloud hosting service which can automatically scale any Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js or Python application by changing the amount of resources (RAM and CPU) provided to a web server. If the application requirements decrease, the resources are released by maximising the density of applications on each physical server. 

If necessary, the applications can develop horizontally by increasing the number of servers. In this case, Click & Cloud automatically configures load balancing.







Our pricing model is based on “cloudlets” (1 Cloudlet = 200MHz CPU and 128MB of RAM = 1 web server). Each Cloudlet will cost only 0.85 cent per hour!

You only pay for the resources you actually use: invoicing is flexible and adapts to your consumption. You can also set maximum limits in order to control your budget, or pre-save a fixed number of “cloudlets” per month for your environment.