High availability for application reliability

Click&Cloud by Jelastic uses clustering and automatic replication techniques to ensure maximum application availability. Stability is provided by the replication of persistent connection sessions and by the transparent and automated synchronisation of containers.

Click&Cloud: the most reliable Cloud

Click&Cloud manages the physical resources - CPU, memory, disk - optimally, secured by a cluster organisation.

Applications run on multiple servers (physical nodes) which are under the control of the Click&Cloud orchestrator.


Automatic load balancing for horizontal elasticity

The applications can be configured to run on multiple instances. When multiple instances are created, a “load balancer” is automatically configured to distribute the application load calculation.

Accordingly, the applications obtain maximum performance and availability through horizontal elasticity.

Live migration

When an application requires more resources, Click&Cloud will assign it within the same physical server. If that server does not have enough resources itself, Click&Cloud will assign these resources from another more available server. Live migration technology will enable these changes without interrupting the application.

Live migration technology will also be used to move less important applications to another physical server, in this manner optimising the available resources.

Separate containers

The separation of containers between databases and application servers will prevent the impact of a component failure on other containers.

Click&Cloud uses virtualization technology to operate multiple virtual machines (containers) on a single physical machine. These containers are completely separated without any risk of interference between them.